What is tapas?

La Tapa…

The word ‘tapas’ is synonymous with Spanish cuisine and every visitor to Spain wants to “go for Tapas”. In Dresden, you find them in our Restaurants.

“Tapas” is a plural term, so your question should really be ‘what are Tapas?’

A ‘Tapa’ is a ‘lid’ or ‘cover’. In the early days of tapas, a slice of cheese or ham was given with your drink and placed over your drink to: keep the flies out, keep the bouquet of the wine and keep the wind from blowing your drink everywhere.

There are a number of myths about what Tapas are all about and we can say:

Tapas are not a particular type of food.

Tapas are not a starter.

Tapas are not a collection of small dishes brought out on a platter and eaten as a main course.

A “Tapa” is not a type of food, but a special way of eating it.